The Philadelphia Design Center was featured in December's Grid Magazine along with two other great artist co-working spaces!

Mission of The Philadelphia Design Center  

The Philadelphia Design Center works to advance and support the efforts of Philadelphia’s design talent at all levels of experience.  The Design Center is dedicated to providing advanced software technology and textile facilities to assist in the creation process for designers.

Thanks to the National Endowment of the Arts, we have our first class of Designer Residents for the 2016/17 season!
Meet our five Resident Designers. 

Our grand opening has come and gone, but you can read all about it!  Many thanks for Phindie and the Broad Street Review for joining us on a beautiful evening on March 31, 2016!

The Philadelphia Design Center opens in West Philadelphia - Broad Street Review, April 5, 2016

Arts in Sacred Places: Grand Opening of the Philadelphia Design Center - Phindie, April 2, 2016

Join the only co-working space dedicated to the theatrical design community...and beyond!

The Greater Philadelphia region has world class designers who deserve a world class facility. At the Philly Design Center, you will be able to expand your "office" beyond your living room, collaborate in person with fellow designers, have access to the latest technology and office equipment, host interns, and build costumes and textile based props.

We have membership levels suited to fit both emerging and well-established careers. All contracts work on a month-to-month basis. Need more time at the Center? Not a problem - you can up your level of membership for the next month or two. Feeling the pinch? We have levels for those times, too.

Are you an architect, fashion, or industrial designer? We also have room for you! 

Space is the breath of art.
— Frank Lloyd Wright